About Decks Unlimited

Decks Unlimited is a locally owned and operated company based in Littleton, Colorado. We have been proudly serving the metro area since 2001.  Our design work, carpentry services, and ornamental iron fabrication are all performed by dedicated in-house employees. We carry extensive workmen’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and company auto insurance (copies happily submitted upon request).  Unlike some competitors, we don’t shift these liabilities to our customers, as is commonly found in residential construction.

We are Different

You won’t have to look far to find horror stories of all types due to lack of building code knowledge, negligence, or absence of proper insurance coverage. We carry an International Residential Code (IRC) Class C license, which is about as close to what one will find as a nationally recognized contractor’s license. This, combined with advanced building techniques and engineering solutions refined over two decades of work in Colorado, separates us from most. We believe in not only “doing things right”, but also “treating people right”.  Our culture is modeled after that of a close knit family, and at the time of writing, all of our carpentry leads have a minimum of 10 years experience/history with the company.

Don’t “Roll the Dice”

Let’s clarify that, playing craps in Blackhawk can be good fun and amusement!  On the other hand, rolling the dice with improvements to your home is ill advised.  Let’s just say we get some phone calls from potential clients that rolled said dice, “amused” is typically not the word that comes to mind.  If you decide to do business with us, you will get OUR system, a certain and guaranteed outcome.  Does the idea of an established company with a brick & mortar location sound better than someone working out of their garage that suggests you pull your own building permit?  Will working with a company that stands behind their work and takes pride in their reputation be a superior experience to the “low bidder”?  Do you believe a “deal” can be too good to be true?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then welcome, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s Worth it

Does it cost more to do business this way? While building the company, it was certainly a thought that it would, however the unknown factors associated with the alternatives simply weren’t acceptable. With that being said, we find ourselves to be priced very competitively on most all projects.

Work with Someone You Trust

Home improvement can be a confusing and frustrating process of evaluating not only products, but those whom you will trust to guide you through the process and deliver the end result on time and on budget. You can rest assured, from the initial consultation to the final building inspection, we will meet or exceed even the most stringent of our client’s expectations.

Let’s Talk

Communication is what makes or breaks a relationship, personal or professional. We want our clients to be involved, we will engage you to ensure any questions/concerns are being heard and understood.  All of this is done with one end goal in mind, a finished project that you will enjoy well into the future, one that not only adds value to your home but you’re also proud to show off to friends and neighbors.  We will talk openly about cost factors/budget/completion times, which others might find difficult to address.  If an issue arises, we will call it to your attention rather than attempting to hide or bury it, only for you to find it at a later date.