Got questions? We are here to help!

Q: Do you offer repair or refinish work?

A: We’re sorry, we don’t!  Our new build schedule keeps us busy year-round and is our primary focus.  Typically, a small one-man outfit or handyman will be your best solution.  As with anything, due diligence, and checking reviews is wise!

Q: Do you require a deposit? How do payments work? Do you accept credit cards?

A: For most jobs, no deposit is required!  Beware of anyone asking for money before delivery of materials or start of job.  The only exception to our policy is when we have to procure advanced engineering or need to perform preliminary site work/exploration prior to submitting permits.  In these very rare circumstances, we may require a small deposit.  For jobs 50K and less, we do a simple 50% on delivery of materials and/or job start, and 50% upon completion.  Payments are broken into thirds for jobs 50-100K, and four (or more) payments for 100K and up.  While we are happy to take credit cards as a form of payment, we do add a 3% service fee to cover associated costs.  Given this fact, most clients pay by check.

Q: Does my deck require a building permit?

A: In short, yes.  Just about any attached structure (deck/roof) will require a building permit.  In years past, 30” height was the qualifier, but most cities/counties now require permitting on all projects.

Q: My other contractor suggested I pull my building permit myself, is that your policy?

A: No!! Be wary of those who might suggest you pull your own permit, or worse, attempt to build without. Often it means this contractor is not licensed or does not carry the necessary insurance to undertake the project. By pulling your own building permit, you assume all liability for the construction of the project. Should you contract with Decks Unlimited, we will submit all permit applications/prints, arrange structural engineering as required, pay permit fees, and schedule building inspections.

Q: What does a deck cost?

A: Much like no two houses or cars will be identical, the same can be said of decks!  Many factors contribute, to include local permitting fees and/or need for engineering services, job site access, height from grade, desired shape and stair details, etc.  Larger decks will generally cost less per square foot, as fixed costs such as dumpsters/permits/overhead begin to average downward.  With a few of these above details provided, we can generally give you a good ballpark cost.

Q: What materials do you recommend?

A: While we love to use all types of exposed lumber in our overhead structures, when it comes to the floor we overwhelmingly recommend and install capped composite decks.  These products will start with a 25 year warranty and progress up to 50+ years.  This warranty will typically include guarantees on fade/stain issues that were so prominent with the initial batches of composite decking in the 1990s.  One would be hard pressed to come up with a climate more bruising on outdoor surfaces than ours here in Colorado.  Low humidity, extreme UV, extended freeze/thaw cycles, and the list goes on.  For the areas seeing limited sun exposure or precipitation, that’s where we like to showcase the natural beauty of wood!